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Avoiding a Sandal Scandal!
Avoiding a Sandal Scandal!
by Dan Michaels, DPM

Avoiding a Sandal Scandal!

Wedges and Espadrilles

PROBLEM: ankle twist or sprain; instability and difficulty walking

SOLUTION: try a wider, flatter wedge; look for a rubber sole with good traction

Peep-Toe Sandals

PROBLEM: increased pressure on toes; bunions and hammer toes

SOLUTION: wear only for short periods of time; use an APMA-accepted insert

Flats and Slides

PROBLEM: arch and heel pain; inadequate cushioning and foot support

SOLUTION: avoid prolonged wear; try cushioned inserts for shock absorption; select a sole that doesn't twist excessively

Platforms and High Heels

PROBLEM: pain in the ball of the foot and ankle injuries

SOLUTION: wear lower, more stable heels (less than two inches); use an APMA-accepted insert

Gladiator and Strappy Sandals

PROBLEM: irritation between toes; callus and dead skin build-up around the heels; lack of support and shock absorption

SOLUTION: select natural materials such a soft, supple leather; ensure proper fit with no toes or heels hanging off the edge

Please stop by one of our office locations where our certified shoe fitters can get you the shoes you want from our shoe stores at each location.


To prevent infections from nail salons or spas and to provide Comprehensive Foot & Ankle Care® we are pleased to announce that we have started to perform Foot Facials or medical grade pedicures and manicures in our offices!

A one hour Foot Facial is relaxing and safe. We are providing this service to you as a safe alternative to salon’s that may not sterilize their equipment or use dirty products on your feet. We use organic and/or natural products that clean and moisturize your skin and your nails. A natural nail polish with no harsh chemicals can be used or your nails can be buffed to a shine. You will enjoy a calf massage and scrub in a clean, safe and sterile environment. Nothing that touches you will touch another. Our sterilization process is so thorough that it has been published in scientific journals. We’ve analyzed every aspect of this process from the metal used in the basin, the ingredients in the products to the shape and texture of the products and instruments used. Bottom line: your feet will look and feel great and I’ll make sure you’re safe. Please call now to schedule your 1 hour Foot Facial today! A manicure and pedicure are about 1.5 hours and extremely relaxing.

Come visit one of our Centers of Excellence:

*Nail Care Center of Excellence

*Heel Pain Center of Excellence

*Neuropathy Center of Excellence

*Wound Care Center of Excellence

Falls Prevention Center of Excellence

We provide Comprehensive Foot and Ankle Care® to our patients with offices in Frederick and Hagerstown, Maryland. From basic care of ingrown toenails, heel pain and warts to reconstructive procedures and management of complex pain conditions, we provide a one-stop shop for all your needs. For your convenience, all recommended medicines and foot-care products are available through our in-office store and information can be gained through our continually updated website at Same day and emergency appointments are available without a wait. Our staff is approachable and knowledgeable with a willingness to help and solve your foot and ankle problems. We focus on conservative, non-surgical treatment and exhaust these options prior to recommending surgery. If you need surgery we have advanced training in all types of foot and ankle surgery to ensure your optimal outcome with an onsite ambulatory surgical center. Our providers work with you as a partner by listening to and educating you about treatment options so you can make an informed choice in your health management. We offer the latest technology in digital radiography and ultrasound equipment, electronic medical records, on site surgery center, shoe stores, medical equipment and lasers. We have a wound care center, surgery center, fall prevention center, heel pain center and nail care center on site all under one roof for your convenience. We have the latest treatments including the laser that treats toenail fungus and is cleared for this indication by the FDA.

For further information about foot or ankle conditions, contact one of our foot and ankle surgeons at the Reconstructive Foot & Ankle Institute, LLC. Visit us on the web at or make an appointment with one of our state of the art offices in Maryland:

Hagerstown 301.797.8554, 1150 Professional Court, Suite C, 21740

Frederick 301.418.6014, 2100 Old Farm Drive, Suite D, 21702

Most insurance accepted but not required

Reconstructive Foot & Ankle Institute

Reconstructive Foot & Ankle Institute
Reconstructive Foot & Ankle Institute




Dr. Dan Michaels offers Comprehensive Foot and Ankle care with offices in Hagerstown and Frederick and is dedicated to quality and compassionate care. Providing...